How to Prepare for Christ University MBA Interview 2024

Earning an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is an important and promising step that can help one improve their career prospects. And if you are considering pursuing an MBA in Bangalore, Christ University stands out as a premier institution.

However, the journey to securing your spot in Christ University comes with a lot of test rounds in the selection process, including the personal interview (PI) round.

The MBA interview round is not only about displaying your skills but also about highlighting how passionate and dedicated you are in facing the challenges of a business school.

To help you succeed in this crucial step, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on preparing for the Christ University MBA interview in 2024.

Let’s dive into the details!

MBA program Offered by Christ University (Bangalore)

The MBA program offered by Christ University (Bangalore) is an exceptional and highly sought-after course. The business school not only prepares you to climb the career ladder gracefully but is also great for personal growth.

Here are the critical details you must know concerning the Christ University MBA program 2024:

1. General program details

Duration: The Christ University MBA program runs 2 years, organized into six semesters, ensuring a thorough and well-structured learning experience.

Specializations: The course offers a broad range of specializations to accommodate the various career goals of its students. These include:

  • Finance
  • Human resource
  • Lean operations and systems
  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

2. Important Dates

Application availability online: From October 1, 2023, 16:00 Hrs. You can apply online at

Admit card release: February 1, 2024. You can download your admit card at

Group discussion and micro presentation: These two segments will be carried out on February 4, 2024. The event will be hosted on multiple campuses, including Bengaluru BGR Campus, Bengaluru Kengeri Campus, Bengaluru Central Campus, etc.

Written assessment, verbal assessment, and personal interview: These rounds will be conducted from February 4, 2024, to February 6, 2024, on various campuses, including Bengaluru Central Campus, Bengaluru Kengeri Campus, Bengaluru BGR Campus, etc.

Final selection list: The list will be published on February 07, 2024. You can check the final list of selected candidates at

3. Eligibility Criteria

Acceptable test scores (2023 and 2024):

  • Sep MAT 2023
  • Dec MAT 2023
  • Nov/Dec CAT 2023
  • CMAT 2024
  • XAT 2024
  • ATMA 2024
  • GMAT 2023 / 2024
  • GRE 2023 / 2024

Academic qualifications:

  • Candidates must score 50% aggregate marks in the undergraduate degree examination from a recognized university in India or abroad, as recognized by UGC / AIU.
  • Students in their final year must have a 50% aggregate or higher in all their undergraduate examinations.
  • Students completing their final examinations for a degree between March and June 2024 are eligible.

Test score requirements:

  • MAT score of 550 and above
  • CAT score of 60 percentile and above
  • XAT score of 60 percentile and above
  • CMAT score of 60 percentile and above
  • ATMA score of 60 percentile and above
  • GMAT score of 450 and above
  • GRE score of 295 and above

4. Application Process – 2024

How to apply online?

Must-have documents for application

  • Marksheets for classes 10, 12, and undergraduate degrees. If results are still pending, include marksheets up to the most recent semester or year. Include qualifying test scores (for instance, Sep MAT 2023, CAT 2023). 
  • Passport-sized photos.

5. Selection process 2024

Group discussion (GD) and micro presentation (MP): The GD round will take 35 minutes, followed by an MP, in which each student will have 90 seconds to express their opinions.

Written assessment (WA): Candidates must write on a specific topic for no more than one A4-sized sheet limit and complete under 10 minutes. 

Verbal assessment (VA) and personal interview (PI): During this stage, candidates will go through a verbal evaluation and an in-person interview with a panel of experts. 

Academic performance: The selection process will also evaluate your academic performance in classes 10 and 12 and your undergraduate degree.

How to prepare for the Christ University MBA interview in 2024?

During any PI round, answering the questions appropriately with the right body language is crucial. There is no space for any faltering or lack of confidence.

1. 6 common questions asked during the PI round and how to answer them

Here are 6 common questions asked during MBA interviews, along with tips on how to appropriately answer them:

1.1. Tell us about yourself: Start with your name and where you live. Tell a bit about your parents and their profession. Gradually provide a brief overview of your educational and professional background. Don’t forget to highlight your top career achievements and experiences relevant to your MBA program journey.

1.2.  Why do you want to pursue an MBA now?: Mention your career goals, how an MBA degree integrates with them, and how Christ University’s MBA program meets your needs.

1.3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?: List some of your strengths that are advantageous to leadership and business. If you have any weaknesses, talk about how you’ve worked to overcome them rather than merely listing them.

1.4. Why did you choose Christ University?: Give a brief account of what pushed you to join Christ University. Express your interest in all extracurricular pursuits, training, university history, and anything else that is relevant to the question. 

1.5. What do you offer to get accepted into our MBA program?: Highlight your unique skill sets, life experiences, and ideologies that can benefit the course and contribute to the lives of your peers.

1.6. Do you have any questions for us?: To showcase your sincere interest, prepare thoughtful and interesting questions regarding the course, instructors, or campus.

Now, let’s learn how to present yourself in an interview!

2. How to maintain your body language during the interview?

Making an exceptional first impression during your MBA interview requires you to display good body language. Here are the top 6 tips to keep in mind:

2.1. Sit up straight: Maintaining a good posture reflects a professional attitude towards the interview. Avoid slouching or leaning back, as it can give the impression of disinterest or nervousness.

2.2. Maintain eye contact: To showcase confidence and keep up the engagement of the ongoing interaction, you must maintain eye contact. However, avoid staring too hard. Try to make soft and friendly eye contact with the interviewers.

2.3. Smile: A warm and genuine smile can create a positive atmosphere. Avoid frowning or showing displeasure of any kind, as it shows a lack of professionalism.

2.4. Gesture naturally: You can use your hands to emphasize your points, but don’t overdo it. Try to keep it natural.

2.5. Avoid fidgeting: Ensure to keep your nervous habits at bay, like playing with your hair, biting your nails, or tapping your foot. 

2.6. Relax and breathe: Try taking deep breaths if you feel a lot of anxiety; it can help you calm down. If needed, pause for a while to gather your thoughts.

MBA Interview Etiquette

To leave a good impression on the admissions committee, you must master MBA interview etiquette. It can significantly impact your prospects of acceptance into the Christ University MBA program 2024. 

Here are some crucial standards of etiquette to remember:

  1. Be punctual: Arrive on or before time for your Christ University MBA interview. Ensure not to be late as it can display a negative first impression. 
  2. Dress up for the part: Dress up in business attire from head to toe for in-person interviews. This will reflect your seriousness about the MBA course. Avoid wearing loud makeup and strong fragrances.
  3. Greet well: Offer a firm handshake, a polite greeting, and a warm smile. Maintain friendly and professional conduct from the beginning.
  4. Be a good listener: Listen well to your interviewers and respond to their questions thoughtfully. Avoid interrupting them verbally or via any other gesture.
  5. Be Yourself: Being professional is crucial, but so is being genuine. Don’t be afraid to let your individuality through in a respectful fashion.

Final Words

It requires commitment and careful planning to prepare well for the Christ University MBA interview. The secret lies in practicing answers for different interview questions, refining body language, and being mindful of proper interview etiquette. 

We hope this blog helped you discover and explore all the necessary details required to prepare for the Christ University MBA interview in 2024.

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